Thursday, May 10, 2018

2018 Sigma Xi Student Research Conference Poster Conference

2018 Sigma Xi Student Research Conference Poster Conference

The 2018 Quinnipiac Chapter Sigma Xi Student Research Conference was held on April 26th, with over 30 posters. We express much appreciation for all who volunteered to judge, especially the large contingent from the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. As always, students were appreciative of the thoughtful feedback faculty and scientists gave to our students.

This year, four undergraduate International Business students presented their international and cross-cultural research studies. Research study presentations included “Antecedents of Political Terrorism: A Multinational Study” authored by Pavel Aragon (Class of 2018); “Cultural Influences on Contract Enforcement: A Multinational Study” authored by Ryann Glushek (Class of 2020); “A Multinational Study of Culture’s Impact on Gender Equality and Women’s Entrepreneurial Activity” authored by Cristiana Kamais (Class of 2019); and “Environmental and Cultural Values Impact on Country Happiness; A Multinational Study” authored by Megan Winagle (Class of 2018).

Congratulations to our 2018 Winners!

Undergraduate poster winner: Isaac Finkel’s (Biochemistry) poster titled “The Analysis of Chemical and Thermal Denaturation of Myoglobin: An Undergraduate Biochemistry Lab Experiment” won an award for the best poster at the conference.

Graduate poster winner: Jocelyn Rivas presented “Debunking the anti-vaccine movement: Four years later healthcare and science students’ ability to identify vaccine myths and misinformation has significantly improved.”

The speaker, Dr. Pilcher, provided insightful and practical information on the process of sleep and ways to promote sleep. Her presentation, “Sleep: The Pattern of Life” was well received and timely! The messages were clearly appreciated for faculty AND student attendees!

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